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Hydrajaws develop, manufacture and sell a range of portable testers and accessories for establishing the holding force of anchors and fixings in construction materials across industry worldwide.

With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we are regularly approached to provide solutions for a particular testing requirement on anchors and fixings. Hydrajaws adaptors and accessories are also available to determine the bonding strengths of materials, adhesives and other bonding for construction based applications.


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See our products page for information and details of our Hydrajaws range of testers. From our Hydrajaws Model 2000 Tester Kit to our latest Hydrajaws Model 2050 Mid - Heavy Tester you are sure to find the right tester for your job.

See our latest update to the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System which provides on-site reports from a tablet or mobile which includes date, time, GPS location and test score graphs.

HydrajawsHelp and FAQ

To help and offer advice, a full range of Hydrajaws manuals, Hydrajaws Model info sheets, oil refill instructions and footprint measurements of Hydrajaws Bridges are available online.

Our FAQ page answers most problems, but if you need any more information then please call us on +44 (0)1675 430 370.


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Our full price lists for UK and Export are available online. Hydrajaws export testers into European countries within the European Community, the USA and Canada, the Middle and Far East and Australia.

For enquiries and advice call Hydrajaws on +44 (0)1675 430 370 - Monday to Thursday - 8.30am to 4.30pm, Friday - 8.30am to 2.30pm.

See it in action

The Hydrajaws Model 2000 Deluxe Master

See our flagship product in action.

Testing the pull out strength of industrial fixings is becoming an essential and legal part of health and safety in the construction industry.

Hydrajaws has built and developed a range of Testers and Accessories to determine the reliability and load capacity of fixings including Pull Test Kit for Scaffold Anchors, Anchor bolt testers, Scaffold Tie Tester Kits, Safety Lifeline Testers, Material Bond Testers and Rebar Testers.
See our product page for the full range of Testers and Accessories or call Hydrajaws on +44(0)1675 430 370 for advice on your requirements.

There has been a major increase in the use of testers, particularly with local authorities who demand that a specific testing programme should be carried out on site by the contractor which is then endorsed by recorded evidence. 

It is therefore essential that all such site personnel should be thoroughly familiar with the use and understanding of testing equipment, especially if you have recently purchased a Pull Test Kit for Scaffold Anchors or any tester in our range. In this respect Hydrajaws offers an operator training scheme and issues certificates of competence which are recognised by local authorities and others in the industry.


Hydrajaws construction safety products, including scaffold safety equipment, used in conjunction with the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System can provide reassurance and confidence in the building and erecting of scaffold systems.

The Scaffolding boards may be ok and the Scaffold workers may be experienced but the scaffold fixings could be a weak link.

See the original Hydrajaws Model 2000 Scaffold Tester for a specialist tester designed to ensure your scaffolding ONLY comes down when YOU want it to.


 Tester not working?  

It is rare for our testers to breakdown and most of the time the answer is an oil refil. 

See the instructions in the tester manual or online here.
Or see our YouTube video here.


New improved Hydrajaws Digital Gauge Issue 3.
Our new gauge is tougher and smarter. It features 'easy to use' interface, backlight facility, new bright protective cover and many other improvements.
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Hydrajaws are introducing their Calibration Fast Track System. This means, for just an added £25, customers will be able to bring their tester to Hydrajaws HQ in Coleshill and get it calibrated straight away while they wait.

We hope this new system will help increase customer efficiency and workflow.

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