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2020 Bridge

2020 Bridge (M2000 tester)
The 2020 bridge is our New Tester M2000 bridge.  It has new adjustable legs for quick and easy height adjustment to suit the testing application.

150 Bridge (Older Model 2000)
The 150 bridge is our standard Tester Model 2000 bridge. It has a 116mm span and three threaded legs. The legs can be adjusted easily and quickly to suit the testing application. Knurled buttons are fitted to legs for ease of operation.

Model 2050 Bridge
This bridge for the 2050 Tester is an improved and upgraded bridge. To sustain a 50kN load a new robust bridge design has been made which is denser in profile. It features three adjustable legs with pin arrangement in six positions.  

Model 2050 Bridge Footprint

M2008 Bridge
A heavy duty triangular adjustable load spreading bridge up to 145kN max for use with  M2008. 

M2008 Bridge Footprint

270 bridge270 Bridge
The 270mm adjustable load spreading bridge is designed to attach easily to a Hydrajaws M2000 Fixing Tester. The 270mm load spreading bridge can be installed so the tester is operated in two different positions. 

270 Bridge Leaflet270 Bridge Footprint

600 Bridge Our improved 600mm adjustable load-spreading bridge has been re-engineered and is now made of lighter aluminium material and is easier and more efficient to assemble, operate and store. It features three 665mm legs which will rotate through 360 degrees and feature 23 height positions.
600 Bridge Leaflet     600 Bridge Footprint

Pyramid Bridge
The Hydrajaws Pyramid Load Spreading Bridge offers greater stability and a wider area for unconfined testing on rough ground. 

Pyramid Bridge Footprint

125 beudge125kN Heavy Duty Bridge
The 125kN heavy duty bridge for our Hydraulic testers. Can be used in conjunction with our Hydraulic tester and weighs 16Kg. 
125kN Heavy Duty Bridge Footprint 125kN Heavy Duty Bridge Data Sheet

Hex Extension Legs (for older Model 2000 Tester)
Available for the 150 Bridge in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The hex extension legs extend the reach of the older Model 2000.  

Hex Extension Leg Instructions