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Explorer Case for M2008
The new Explorer case for the model 2008, with telescopic handle and wheels.
See data sheet for more information.

Hydrajaws safety kit
For attaching the tester to a secure anchor point to prevent it dropping to the ground. Includes a bungee tether, self-locking carabiner, a fixed anchorage plate and a PVC bag.

Replacement Turning Handle
For testers with the fixed black handles. This replacement turning handle allows the arms to be removed and the tester operated by the integrated nut for better access in confined spaces.

Carrying Case
The standard red Hydrajaws Carrying case is available (filler available separately).

Bond DIscs
For testing the strengths of a wide and varied range of materials including concrete, screeds, repair mortars, epoxy resin coatings, laminates, plastics, paints and enamels.
Available in 50mm or 75mm in sets of ten.

Operating Instructions
The operating manuals for all our testers are available free of charge. Most can be found in PDF format on our instructions page.

Please call a member of our team or view our price list for a full list of available accessories.