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The New Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System (v4) is launching now.

This new system allows on-site pull tests to be automatically recorded and compiled into a digital report using the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital App on a mobile phone or tablet device. These reports can be sent directly to clients or managers and are stored in the cloud to be accessed remotely anywhere on a browser in a users own company dashboard.
The cost is £30 per month or £299 for a 12 month subscription and a free trial is available when signing up.
Sign up by going to and fill in the details.
Bluetooth Manual
A licence must be asigned before the app can be used. Please see the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Manual for full instructions on signing up and assigning licences. 
Existing Bluetooth customers.
You can still use your existing Bluetooth Digital Gauge v3 gauge(s) with the new system but this system will replace the existing Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital app that you have currently. 
Before the app updates, please ensure that you have saved any existing data (by emailing the finished reports) as all data will not transfer to the new system.
Any Bluetooth gauge fees that you have previously paid for in the last 12 months will be honoured. 
An email will be sent to your company with a Code that allows you to subscribe for the rest of your current subscription on the old app (please note: These codes have an expiry date and will need to be activated within this date). If you have not recieved this email or your code does not work then please get in contact with us at Hydrajaws. 
To subscribe to this new system simply go to : and use your code.
Please see the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Manual for full instructions on signing up and assigning licences. Link to manual here.

System requirements:
Android: Android version 7 OS onwards.
Apple Devices: Operating system of iOS 11 onwards.
Hydrajaws Android AppHydrajaws Apple App
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