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One year on - The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System is a Global Success.

Since its launch in April 2020, the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System has been taking the pull testers world by storm. The powerful pull test management system has gone global with pull tester operatives around the world able to prove their pull testing results.

Worldwide Usage

The digital pull testing results platform has been used in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia to track and verify that anchors and fixings have been tested to the correct standards.

Real time data has been collected on façades in Finland, France and the Far East which confirm that the fixings are safe. Many scaffolding companies in the UK have used the system to prove that their scaffold ties are secure enough to only come down when needed. Over in Switzerland, Spain and Singapore cladding has had its fastening security demonstrated by the digital reporting system. Abseiling anchor points in Australia have legally verifiable proof confirmation that all the correct checks have been carried out in accordance with Health & Safety Law. And engineered lifeline systems for personal fall protection in Peru, Portugal, Argentina and UAE, to name but a few, have all been able to certify that their systems have been tested and their data is stored safely in the cloud.

All around the world - pull testers in all areas of industry are feeling the benefits of subscribing to this comprehensive and beneficial system.  


Total Proof and Assurance

Adrian Morgan, Hydrajaws Ltd Managing Director, said “It’s encouraging to see that the new Bluetooth Digital System is being used all over the world.  When we developed the system and app we could see its potential for international reach.”

He added “We believe the reason the system is proving so popular globally is because stringent Health & Safety rules are constantly increasing.

When life-threatening incidents occur, the consequences and repercussions can be very high. The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System can prove undeniably that tests have been performed - and performed correctly.

Using the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System mitigates the risk to Pull-Testers by providing them with a fully auditable and transparent data provenance trail that is admissible in a court of law.”

Request a Demo

Anyone wishing to see how the powerful pull test management system works or thinking of signing up can request a demonstration with our resident expert Simon Harris.  Simon can be contacted on [email protected]

For more information including the Digital Gauge Manual and links to handy tutorials visit our Bluetooth Digital System page on our website.

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