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Testing in tight spaces

As we all know, not all testing jobs are on a flat surface. There are many occasions when a pipe, wall or other vertical surface is making it difficult to get to the fixing and preform a pull-out test. 
However, Hydrajaws have a few accessories and techniques that can be used to make life easier.
1. Integrated Nut
In confined spaces the integrated nut can be used with a 22mm ratchet spanner for better access and for easier operation (fig 1)
Remove the handles by unscrewing from the base using the 10mm wrench (fig 2).
 Integrated nut
2. Adjusting the handle position  
The top part of the unit can be rotated if the handle or gauge becoming obstructed by the unit legs or other objects (fig 3)
This is achieved by loosening the three grub screws (a) on the body using the allen key provided. Rotate the top until the handle and gauge are clear of obstacles and re-tighten the screws.
Rotate handle
3. Change the bridge  
For a bigger span - Hydrajaws make a 270, 600 and Pyramid bridge. These can offer greater stability and a wider area for testing.
600 bridge
4. Hex extension legs 
Available for the 150 Bridge in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The hex extension legs extend the reach of the Model 2000.
5. Adaptors 
Many of the adaptors can be used either on their own or combined with another adaptor to give longer reach. 
If a test site seems unaccessable then send us a photo and give us a call on 01675 430 370. We can usually find a solution to most problems.
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