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Hydrajaws at the forefront of technology with new investment

Hydrajaws has invested in an in-house FDM 3D printer. The state-of-the-art printer will allow us to take advantage of new technology and have greater control of our manufacturing processes. Some of the end-use components; that would have previously been produced using more traditional and slower manufacturing methods; will now be produced in-house.

Not only will the 3D printer be used for producing end-use components but also for R&D, prototyping, and production jigs and fixtures due to the very high strength characteristics of the material combined with excellent hardness and surface finish. We are currently leveraging the capabilities of the new 3D printer for the production of end-use leg braces for the M2050 Pro Tester. 


Craig Couldrey, Hydrajaws Engineering Manager, commented: “This investment will provide greater control and flexibility in multiple technical areas of the business. Hydrajaws testers are built to last and the robustness of the new material has been proven, which gives us the confidence to invest in resource-efficient technology. The new 3D printer will allow us to produce components in-house to meet the demand of British Made products”. 




All Hydrajaws portable pull testers are manufactured to the highest standards and are British made, which makes us proud to be members of Made in Britain. View our Made in Britain profile page.




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