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For a copy of our latest price list of Hydrajaws Tester kits and Accessories download the pdf using the link below. Alternatively for an individual quote please call 01675 430 370 or fill out our contact us form.


For pricing in the U.S. And Canada, please contact Veri5000 in Colorado
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Note: Most testers feature detachable gauges with quick release hydraulic couplers. This allows for the gauge to easily be detached from the tester when returning the gauge to Hydrajaws for annual recalibration. The benefit of this is that the tester remains in use via an alternative gauge and the lighter weight reduces the carriage costs to and from the UK. In addition, should a gauge be damaged, a replacement can simply be supplied quickly without the tester being seen by an engineer.

As the UK is no longer part of the European Union, goods sent by Hydrajaws Ltd to our customers in the EU can be zero rated for UK VAT as exports, but there will be local duties/VAT and fees to pay in your country before goods are delivered. These costs will vary by country. An approximate illustration for your destination country can be seen on the DHL website:

Delivery costs since leaving the EU have also increased due to the extra administration costs levied on us by our couriers.  We also cannot guarantee transit times due to border clearance procedures.

Whilst we will do our very best to work with the authorities and you, our valued customers, to ensure as efficient delivery as possible, the situation is beyond our control and costs for delivery charges may be subject to change without notice, although we sincerely hope this will not be necessary.

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