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Hydrajaws Bluetooth upgrade

All of our existing Bluetooth customers can now UPGRADE to our latest Bluetooth Digital System FREE of charge for the remainder of their current subscription*.

*Further subscription costs just £30 per month or £299 for a year per user.

Hydrajaws App version
Existing Bluetooth customers.
You can still use your existing Bluetooth Digital Gauge v3 gauge(s) with the new system but this system will replace the existing Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital app that you have currently. 
Before the app updates, please ensure that you have saved any existing data (by emailing the finished reports) as all data will not transfer to the new system.
Any Bluetooth gauge fees that you have previously paid for in the last 12 months will be honoured. 

Hydrajaws Mobile graphic

Hydrajaws App device requirements
Before purchasing a new device, please check it meets ALL specifications required.

Android Devices
System: Android Version 7 OS onwards compatible mobile device with GPS.
Bluetooth: Low Energy, Smart or Bluetooth 4.0+.
For installation of software a data enabled SIM with email function or a connection to the Google Play Store is required.
For emailing reports, a data enabled SIM with email function is required.

Apple Devices
Any Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad with operating system of iOS 11 onwards.
Bluetooth: Low Energy, Smart or Bluetooth 4.0+,  GPS and access to the Apple app store.
For emailing reports, a data enabled SIM with email function is required.
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Digital gauge Manual

For further details and prices please contact us.



Tutorial videos available for the new Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System.


Hydrajaws Video channel

Including : How to peforma a quick test, How to sign up and how to manage licences.
Find them on our YouTube channel.