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Model 0095 Long Stroke Roofing Screw Tester

Hydrajaws' Long Stroke Tester determines the strength and suitability of fixings in built-up roofing constructions where performance data is unavailable.

The long stroke of 80mm means that once tested the fixing can be completely extracted.

The large area of the tester base reduces the pressure on fragile roofing materials to prevent damage. At a load of 10kN the pressure is less than 1N/mm².

  • Two interchangeable gauges may be chosen from 0-5kN, 0-10kN, 0-15kN and 0-20kN. All have quick release hydraulic couplings
  • Maximum load pointers
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Rubber protection covers
  • Calibrated to an accuracy of ± 2% at full scale deflection
  • Certificates included
  • Four interchangeable pulling plates are supplied

Attached to the tester, these slot under the head of the fixing (must be fixed 4mm proud of the surface) or under any one of the 6 plain and 6 threaded button adaptors. Thus virtually any fixing can be tested.

Simple, robust construction ensures maximum reliability.


Model 0095 Long Stroke Tester Features

  • 80mm stroke for screw extraction
  • Low pressure on roofing material
  • 2 interchangeable load gauges
  • Variety of test adaptors supplied
  • Testers supplied in steel padded case

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Model 0095 Tester

Model 0095 Bridge Footprint

Model 0095 Oil Filling Instructions