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M0097 Tension Meter/Wire Rope Tester

M0097 Hydrajaws

The Hydrajaws Tension Meter is designed for testing wire ropes used for fall-arrest systems, strain measurement of rigging, guy ropes, tower and mast supports, and checking the security of crimped/swaged end fittings as applied to wire ropes

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  • Capable of testing up to 40kN
  • Available with a single gauge (fixed in UK and detachable on Export version) or with two detachable gauges (Master version)
  • Choice of gauges 0-5kN, 0-10kN, 0-15kN, 0-20kN, 0-25kN, 0-30kN & 0-40kN
  • Fixing points to accommodate standard shackles, clevises etc. up to 20mm diameter
  • Maximum load indicator
  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • Hydrajaws calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)

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Model 0097 datasheet

Model 0097 Manual