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Model 2000 Wall Tie Tester Kit

Kit includes Model 2000 Medium Duty Tester with

  • 0-5kN detachable gauge
  • Wall tie spacer bridge
  • No direct oil loss (only a tiny drop lost when detaching the gauge)
  • Gauge is detachable for calibration purposes (shipping only the gauge reduces carrier costs)
  • M5 & M6 threaded rod adaptors
  • Calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • Robust carry case

Threaded Rod Adaptors

Used with wall tie Spacer Bridge or with the tester direct onto a surface 9mm clearance hole required in structure for plain shank.

Supplied as shown with button adaptor.

Plain shank length 50mm, threaded portion 30mm.

Wall Tie Spacer Bridge

For testing all types of remedial wall tie to meet the requirements of DD140. Use both with appropriate adaptor and mounts direct to tester.