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NEW Digital Bluetooth System

Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital

Hydrajaws revolutionary digital technology captures test results using a mobile phone or tablet device, allowing for instant visual graphs on-site for anchors, eyebolts and lifelines. 
Results are currently recorded manually using an analogue gauge; however with our unique digital system, using Bluetooth, it produces real time visual graphs for each test.



This revolutionary method has many advantages over the current industry technique which include:

  • Time, date and GPS location of each test is recorded visually.
  • The Digital (Bluetooth) gauge has an improved accuracy class of +/- 0.5% full scale deflection (Analogue gauge accuracy class of +/- 2%).
  • The ambient temperature operating range is -20 degrees C to +35 degrees C
  • Graphs can be viewed with clients to explain why tests may not have 
    met the required standard (not possible using analogue gauges).
  • This system allows for more accountability for time spent on-site.
  • Test evidence provided electronically as a PDF from site to clients in a completed report, saving time on unnecessary paperwork (Requires Wi-Fi or Mobile Network Signal).
  • Compatible with Android OS and Apple based devices such as smartphone/Tablet.
  • New improved Gauge issue 3 features:
  • - ‘backlight’ facility for improved viewing in low light applications.
  • - screen orientation flips allowing easy reading from any angle*.
  • - tougher outer gauge protective cover supplied as standard.
  • - Improved interface allowing easier setup and operation of facilities such as ‘peak hold’.
  • - Improved transducer - 1,000 bar as standard.
  • - Larger range of display units: kN, lbf, Kips, psi or bar*.

* Set by Hydrajaws upon request.

This system will operate with all Hydrajaws portable tension testers equiped with a quick release hydraulic assembly. Testers with fixed gauges can be changed over to a detachable solution thus allowing for the reto fitting of a digital gauge.

Digital Bluetooth Gauges are subject to an annual fee after inital year.*
For further details and prices, please contact us.
For troubleshooting the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital see our FAQ page.


Digital Bluetooth System datasheet

  Software downloads

Software for Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital users of issue 2 (bought after April 2015) can be downloaded using the links below:

Note: Requires Android System: Android 4.4 OS onwards compatible mobile device with GPS and Bluetooth: Low Energy, Smart or Bluetooth 4.0 +. For installation of software a USB connection, a data enabled SIM with email function or a connection to the Google Play Store is required. For emailing reports, a data enabled SIM with email function is required.

  Download the latest ANDROID installation file from here (Right click and 'save link as').

 Download the latest APPLE installation file from the Apple Store.

Note: This will not replace older issue 1 of the Hydrajaws android app.
Please consult us about upgrading if you have issue 1 (pre-April 2015).

* Annual fee is £150 and does not include collection or return carriage. The annual fee includes Gauge calibration, Firmware application renewal and Software upgrades.
Note: While the general operation of the gauge is unaffected, the software application will stop working 12 months after the previous calibration date therefore will have to be renewed to function.
By having this subscription in place the important accuracy of the gauge remains valid and a certificate of calibration is issued annually. The process is subject to freight charges for the collection and return delivery of the gauge.
The process will provide Hydrajaws with the opportunity to upgrade the gauge firmware to ensure that the gauge will be able to benefit completely from future software upgrades.
Additional Costs. Please return the gauge only. Receiving the complete tester kit back with the gauge gives the calibration engineer the opportunity to check for any issues with the tester to be identified and rectified but may incur additional charges for parts and labour and the increased cost of collection and return carriage of an entire tester unit which are not covered by the ‘Annual Fee’. To avoid these potential additional costs, please return the detached gauge ONLY.


See Hydrajaws Bluetooth Terms and Conditions (section 14).