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Wall Tie Tester Mk2

Hydrajaws Wall Tie mk2 Kit

Wall Tie Tester Mk2 - 

The Hydrajaws Wall Tie Tester Kit is used for testing all types of remedial wall tie to meet the requirements of DD140. It is used with appropriate adaptor and mounts direct to tester.


The purpose of carrying out site tests on wall ties is either as part of a site survey to investigate the suitability of the base material for the use of a particular tie or during the installation of the ties to verify the quality of the installation.
  Wall Tie Tester Mk2 Features
  • Tester with 10kN gauge (analogue or digital).
  • Turning Handle with integral 24mm Nut.
  • Small Bolt Tester Adaptor.
  • Threaded Rod adaptors: M5 and M6.
  • Robust carry case with grab handle.
  • Full operating instructions
  • Hydrajaws calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)

  Wall Tie Tester Mk2 Optional Accessories
  • Inset Wall Tie Adaptors - 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
  • External Wall Tie Adaptor - up to 8mm.
  • External Wall Tie Adaptor - 8 - 12mm.
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Wall Tie Tester Mk2 datasheet