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Hydrajaws Consultancy

Independent Fixings Consultants

(For on site Anchor Testing Services)

IFC's anchor testing service is based on the expertise of its principal, Mark Salmon, one of the UK's leading experts in Fixings Technology.

Comprehensive testing capability means virtually any request can be met!

  • Load ranges 5, 10, 20, 25, 70, 125 and 200kN
  • Tests up to 25kN using Hydrajaws equipment
  • Tests to ultimate or proof loads
  • Load spreading bridges up to 680mm span
  • All gauges fitted with maximum load pointers
  • Glycerine filled gauges for sudden load release
  • Movement monitored using dial gauges
  • Tests to BS5080, Highways Agency and CFA test procedures
  • Fixings installed by IFC if necessary
  • Fixings installed by IFC if necessary
  • Tensile, shear (including across edges) or bending loads Tensile and shear simultaneously

Fixings Tested:

  • Expanding Anchors
  • Resin Anchors
  • Deformed Rebar
  • Screw Fixings
  • Frame Anchors
  • Remedial Wall Ties
  • Cast-in Sockets and Channel
  • Scaffold Ties
  • Safety Harness Eyebolts
  • Insualation Service