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Operating Instructions for Digital Gauge

  1. Remove dust cap from gauge coupler.
  2. Remove dust cap from tester coupler.
  3. Pull back ring on tester coupler and insert gauge coupler. Release ring to complete coupling.
  4. Press button P to switch gauge on to ‘Normal rise and fall mode’ This will give a load reading in kN rising as the operating handle on the tester is turned clockwise. By turning the handle anti clockwise the load will decrease and show the reading in kN
  5. To change mode to PEAK HOLD press ▼ then P. Display off will appear. Press ▲ twice to display MAx. Press P to display PASS. Press ▲ and ▼ together until display until small vertical ↑ appears in left hand side of screen. To zero reading press ▲ and wait 2 seconds. Gauge is now in peak hold mode and will display the maximum load achieved and retain this even when the load has decreased.
  6. To return to normal mode press ▼ then P and display shows MAx. Then press ▲ and display reads OFF. Press P twice and display reads 0. Press ▲ and ▼ together until display reads – 000 (The last digit may not read 0 due to ambient temperature.)
  7. Press P to switch gauge off

The maximum load capacity of the MAN-SD1S-C transducer at the base of the gauge is 25Kn and the gauge should not be loaded above this figure as permanent damage will occur.

Eventually the battery will require replacement ( When warning indicator comes on ) and the battery fitted under the removable cover on the back of the gauge. Replace with type PP3 9 volt unit.

Instructions to Zero Gauge

If the gauge is reading 0.32 for example when no load is applied use the following instructions to re set the display to zero.

Release any pressure held in the Hydraulic Coupler by pushing in the pin at the base of the coupler.

With the gauge switched on: Press down arrow, display = PDU, Press P display = OFF, press P display = PASS, press P display = O, press the up arrow till reading reaches number 5, press P display = ZERO, press P, display = SET, press P = SET, press P display = 5, press P display = 0.00