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The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System

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The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital system allows on-site pull tests to be automatically recorded and compiled into a digital report using the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital App on a mobile phone or tablet device. These reports can be sent directly to clients or managers and are stored in the cloud to be accessed remotely anywhere on a browser in a users own company dashboard.

on site  pull testingReport from on-site
Using the Hydrajaws app job details can be set up before going on-site and used again and again to save valuable work time. A digital report is generated on-site which will include all test information including a pass or fail result, a visual results graph, fixing details, site location co-ordinates, date and time. Notes, images and photos taken on-site can be also be added. 

Proof of results
The app captures and records the digital report and test data and pushes it directly to the cloud. From there it can be emailed directly to a customer or company manager or stored for later to add other information and notes. 
The latest digital technology ensures this data is safe, immune to tampering and indisputable. This will reassure customers and managers about the integrity of your results.

Complete visibility of jobs
Using the Dashboard a company administrator can review all test reports from all company users. They can also add notes to reports and send them directly to customers. 
The Dashboard contains all essential information including :
- All test results and reports
- All company devices and their calibration dates.
- All company users and licences.
- A GPS map containing all test sites.
- A list of Hydrajaws Approved International Service Centres.
Easy to use
Whether you are an Administrator or App user - you simply sign in to the on-line dashboard which is personalised with the data and information relative to you. 
The system is clear and user-friendly allowing you to find, access and send any information needed - quickly. A simple interface allows for editing and expanding reports without any technical coding knowledge.
Full instructions are provided with on-line manual and demonstration videos available. 
User friendly Hydrajaws App
The App is available on Android or Apple mobile devices with easy-to-use app interface available in different languages. The app provides fully automated instructions during testing allowing for a quick and smooth workflow to save time.
This revolutionary system has many advantages over the current industry technique which include:
• Uneditable digital results recorded with time, date and GPS location of each test are indisputable proof of a test having been completed.
• Streamline your workflow by pre-setting job details before arriving on-site.
• Graphs and photos can be viewed with clients to explain why tests may not have met the required standard (not possible using analogue gauges).
• Automated processes allow for quicker testing and less set up time - especially on sites with many identical repetitive tests to perform.
• This system allows for more accountability for time spent on-site.
• Test evidence can be provided electronically from site to clients in a completed report, saving time on unnecessary paperwork (requires Wi-Fi or Mobile Network Signal).
SIgn up software
To subscribe - get your company administrator to go to and sign up.

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The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System is being used throughout the world.

We've had some great feedback:

“I would recommend the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System because it is a game changer and a big time saver for doing the reports” - M Walker, Allfasteners USA
“The main challenge with our previous method of recording test results was that we had to hand calculate every test we’d done, now with the digital gauge and the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System it does it all for us.”- O Frost, Construction Fixing Systems UK
“What convinced me to try the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System was the traceability. Being a company that install anchors etc. it is critical to have results and reports that are un-questionable.” A Butcher, Correct Safety Australia
“Yes I would recommend the system. If you have field staff that are performing the work, it is beneficial to set up all the required testing before they get to the site.” J Hughes, Hughes Engineering, LLC USA
“I was convinced to try the system because the result form matches the Australian VicRoads Standard.  It is also a time saver and a large amount of data can be recorded with no risk of losing it.” Sujan KC, John Holland (Metro Tunnel) Australia
“The main benefits of Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System are the hub and the detailed reports. 
I would definitely recommend it!” N Wilson, Gable Fall Safe Ltd UK
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Hydrajaws Mobile graphic

Hydrajaws App device requirements
Before purchasing a new device, please check it meets ALL specifications required.

Android Devices
System: Android Version 7 OS onwards compatible mobile device with GPS.
Bluetooth: Low Energy, Smart or Bluetooth 4.0+.
For installation of software a data enabled SIM with email function or a connection to the Google Play Store is required.
For emailing reports, a data enabled SIM with email function is required.

Apple Devices
Any Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad with operating system of iOS 11 onwards.
Bluetooth: Low Energy, Smart or Bluetooth 4.0+,  GPS and access to the Apple app store.
For emailing reports, a data enabled SIM with email function is required.
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Digital gauge Manual

Quick Start Multi-Language Guide

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Tutorial videos available for the new Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System.


Hydrajaws Video channel

Including : How to peforma a quick test, How to sign up and how to manage licences.
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