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M2000 Scaffold tie tester kit

M2000 Scaffold kit

Our specialist kit for ensuring peace-of-mind when erecting and building scaffold systems. The M2000 is a light and portable tester which is an essential scaffolding tool for any scaffolder wanting to comply with current health and safety practices.
Hydrajaws Scaffold Tester
TG4:19The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) is the trade body for access and scaffolding in the UK. 
The NASC Guidance Note 'TG4:19 - Anchorage Systems for Scaffolding' sets out requirements for two types of test:
- PRELIMINARY TESTS of scaffold anchors - to check the suitability and allowable loads of an anchor type in a particular base material 
- PROOF TESTS - sample tests to check that anchors have been installed correctly – to be carried out on all jobs.
The TG4:19 describes a proof Load testing requirement is for a tensile test of 1.5 x the design load. For heavy duty ties with a capacity of 12.2kN this means a test load of 18.3kN.
Download the TG4:19 from the NASC site here.
The Hydrajaws M2000 Scaffold Tie Tester kit will test all types of anchor most commonly used for anchoring scaffold ties up to a maximum tensile load of 25kN.
Adaptors include a standard Bolt Test Adaptor, M16 Threaded Stud Adaptor and M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis which means a wide range of fixings can be tested. 
The M2000 Scaffold Tie Tester Kit is easy to use and light to transport. It comes complete with a comprehensive full colour user manual and the backing and support from our technical team at Hydrajaws.
  • 25kN detachable Dual Scale digital gauge
  • Load spreading bridge with adjustable legs and swivel feet 
  • No direct oil loss (only a tiny drop lost when detaching the gauge)
  • Gauge is detachable for calibration purposes (shipping only the gauge reduces carrier costs)
  • Bolt tester adaptor
  • M16 Threaded stud adaptor
  • M16 Hexagon Set Screw
  • M16 Threaded Stud
  • M12 Clevis Adaptor with Locking Adaptor
  • Hydrajaws calibration certificate (valid for 12 months)
  • A robust carry case is supplied with each kit.
  • The tester is preassembled and accessories can all be quickly attached with ease
          depending on the type of fixing being tested.

M2000 Scaffold kit

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M2000 Scaffold Tie Tester Kit Leaflet